Why I Love Naked Points of Control

Hello day traders. Naked POC’s always form good strike zones in Intra-day day trading. They are also known as Virgin POC’s. Naked points of Control are usually High Volume Nodes [HVN].

Most (if not all) day traders would like to place their long or short trades at areas of least resistance or support. These high volume nodes are usually characterized by stop orders. Buy or Sell and never limit orders.

So, how do naked or virgin levels help you in your day trading? lets take a look at a few charts examples.


6B – POUND Futures


6E – EURO Futures 

Charts Speak. Refer to my previous posts to know how we do 3D market analytics. Watching Price, Volume and DELTA. But always remember this is in no specific order.

Looking to share more in coming days. Cheers all, stay safe and be very very happy always. #OrderflowFX (twitter)

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