Market Profiles vs Volume Profiles

In day trading, I like to analyze volume. Volume analysis forms the basis of how i approach each trading day. Volume can be analyzed in two formats. Volume at Price [VAP] and at Time [VAT]. VAP studies are key and help construct distribution curves or Bell curves that show volume distribution on any particular period.... Continue Reading →

How to Achieve Consistency in Day Trading

Day trading can provide significant income if you know how to go about it. However, For most traders, a lot of screen time, practice and discipline is needed in order to achieve any level of consistency. As a day trader, I'm always pragmatic. I'm more practical than theoretic. As they say numbers never lie and... Continue Reading →

The Art of Tape Reading: Part 1

As many of you know, there are many day trading strategies out there. Some with robust risk management and some without. One day trading technique that many traders struggle to find solid risk management strategy is Scalping. Nonetheless this is not the case for day traders that understand the art of tape reading. 6E futures:... Continue Reading →

What Everyone Ought to Know About Footprint Charts

Hello Traders, So what are footprint charts? Well, most of us are probably trading on MT4 or MT5. Therefore traditional charting styles such as line, bar & candlesticks are not new to most. Now, all the above charting methods will not disclose the most important piece of information. I mentioned them in my previous post.... Continue Reading →

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